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Our products are a true signature of Ceredigion.

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- Mead -

For more than two decades, Afon Mel has been a fixture in West Wales, crafting mead by hand from our 40 acre farm.

With more than 19 years of mead making experience, we are very proud of our amazing range of meads, each one with their own enjoyable flavours and characteristics.

Our mead is made by using traditional recipes re-interpreted with modern techniques. Every step of the process is carefully completed by our mead makers– from filling the barrels to bottling by hand. We’re constantly on the look out for exciting new flavours and we’ve got some in the pipeline already.

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- Honey -

By creating space for our bees to live, our hives remain happy and healthy – resulting in our special quality products.

Wildflower honey is our local honey from the cwms and hedgerows surrounding our rural farm. The bees collect nectar of plants such as Sycamore, Hawthorn, Willow, Rosebay willow herb, Clover, Blackberry and many more.

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Honey Preserves

- Honey Preserves -

Enjoy our range of preserves including marmalades and chutneys. We think they're just perfect for breakfast toast to afternoon tea. Each jar is made with care at our farm following our traditional recepie, ensuring the best results.

Alongside these you will find our collection of mustards and honey & cider vinegar. Our honey preserves are made with the addition of our own Welsh honey.

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- Honey Health -

Bee Health is one the UK’s leading healthcare manufacturers and the world’s leading supplier of Propolis products. Bee Health’s mission is to continually evolve its products, meet environmental needs and deliver the highest quality and service.

Bee Health employs a dedicated team of pharmacologists, chemists, engineers and research scientists. This bank of intelligence is combined with state of the art technology to research and develop the properties and applications of this natural harvest.

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Honey Health

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Buy the perfect Afon Mel hampers and gifts online now! Choose from mead selection boxes, tasty honey gifts, or make your own hampers.

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